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Is there a fun new way to cook amazing plant-based dishes?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Do you feel that recipes are often too rigid, complicated, and full of impractical ingredients? We know how you feel. Cookbooks have been collecting dust on my shelves because there are only 2 or 3 dishes that I want to cook in each one. There is always some hard-to-find ingredients. And that’s even before I get to the actual cooking steps.

That’s why we have launched personalisable recipes on Plantwise. We carefully build a list of exceptionally healthy yet practical recipes as your base. You can personalise each recipe based on your own preference and nutritional needs, which makes cooking extremely flexible.

Need more protein? Choose from our nutrition suggestions. Don’t like broccoli? Find your favourite aromatic pairing instead. Too pricey? Track and swap out the most expensive ingredients in your dish.

This week, we have published our first dozen smart recipes so you can overcome the workday blues with simple but delicious breakfasts and hearty dinners. Every day we will publish a new idea, that’s created by us, but crafted by you.

Check out these recipes on Plantwise today by downloading the app on the Apple App Store!


Plan a healthy plant-based diet that works for you

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The easy way to cook tasty, nutritious meals while saving money!

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